You're showing up every day, doing your thing like group posting, hashtagging, reels-posting, and TikTok'ing with zero sales and clients to show for it.
You're beyond ready for a sales strategy that works.

Funnel Building with Maia

for leads and sales on autopilot

What if you could ditch the hamster wheel of shiny object syndrome marketing and use a simple and battle-tested strategy that helps you...

i see you...

You're tired of the marketing hamster wheel.

You feel like you've tried everything to grow your biz and nothing is working.

  • build a list of qualified buyers (not-freebie seekers) from the start
  • create demand for your services
  • make the kind of impact (and income!) you always dreamed of

With limited time and resources — not to mention energy, you want to make the most of your marketing efforts and target people who are a perfect fit for your awesomeness.

You need a little offer funnel.

When you pair a paid little offer with your lead magnet, not only do you get a new lead, but you also get paid right away (which you can use to cover your ad spend).

Gets you paid right away.

A Little Offer Funnel...

When they buy your little offer, you can tag them appropriately in your email list to promote your juicier offerings.

Pre-qualifies your new lead (know right away if they're a hot lead for your premium stuff.)

A Little Offer Funnel...

When you deliver immense value at such an affordable price, you've already nailed the know, like, and trust factor.

Gives your new lead a taste of what it's like to work with you.

A Little Offer Funnel...

Rather than a big agency that hands you off to multiple people with more room for error, I'm with you all the way from ideation to launching to ensure nothing is overlooked.

1:1 white-glove service

I am obsessed with helping you create an irresistible little offer that aligns with your value ladder and does the heavy lifting to help you sell more of your higher priced items.

powerful value ladder

I use my strategy, expertise, and skills to review your entire business to ensure you're ready for a little offer funnel, meaning I won't recommend a funnel if I feel you're not ready yet.

Holistic approach

3 Ways My Method is Different...

Crystal-clear clarity and CONFIDENCE on the direction of their business

Results my clients see...

A stronger, more engaged email list that love hearing from them

Reaching new audiences and generating better leads

Less time spent on busy work and more sale notifications

Highly recommend Maia Xiong. I hired her to do mine because I had other things on my plate and wanted to get it done faster and really, really well. She is AMAZING! Knew just the questions to ask and it's converting really well so far. 
Brittany L.

"She is AMAZING! Knew just the questions to ask, and it's converting really well so far."

Starts at:

$2,000 USD

Total cost will depend on the type of lead funnel you need. Payment plans available.

+ 60-minute Business Intensive (including recording, slides, and report)
+ Copy that converts for your sales pages
+ Detailed sales page wireframes
+ 2 project check-in calls
+ Funnel tech check
+ Ongoing support throughout entire project

what's included

A done-for-you, 6-8 week experience to create your high converting lead funnel so you can build a list of buyers eager to invest in your premium offers.

The Investment

Shh! I may or may not throw in a few fun surprises! ;)

You sit back and relax while I write your compelling copy delivered in strategic and gorgeous page wireframe.

copy & wireframes

After outlining your easy-yes offers, I work with you to create amazing content.


We meet 1:1 to discuss your obstacles, offers, goals, and how a lead sales funnel can help you grow.


The Process


We hired Maia to do our SLO funnel. And the reason I hired her was because I know that hers has done really well. And I know she is incredible in what she does. She's the best of the best and she has a proven method of doing things. 

— Brittany | Win with Systems

"She's the best of the best and she has a proven method of doing things."

We absolutely recommend Maia to anyone who wants to create a beautiful sales page, funnel, and tripwire. We really love the work you have done for us. Our favorite part was the organization, clear deadline, framework, and guidance. We will be using our funnel for a very long time and definitely coming back for more.

— Doucky & Kausar | Become Fit Forever

"We really love the work you have done for us."

After seeing the success Maia is having with her low ticket funnel, I knew I had to hire her to help me with mine and I am so glad I did! She helped me rework my products and edit my sales page. I'm already seeing massive improvement.
— Brianna | Brianna Coaching

"I'm already seeing massive improvement!"

As someone who's tried her fair share of marketing strategies (including shelling out nearly $20K to a business "guru") with nothing to show for it, please believe me when I say the little offer funnel works.

It was only when I created my own little offer funnel that I saw a visible shift in my business, including earning $25,000 in one single month.

I'm not saying a little offer is the only thing your business needs because it's not. It is however an asset you can depend on day in and day out to direct your traffic toward to do the heavy lifting in selling your pricier items.

Why choose me?

I'm Maia — certified master marketer and funnel builder.

The best things do indeed come in small packages.

Imagine having a little offer asset that continues to make money and attract dream leads long after you've created it.

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